Who Lives in MacDonald Highlands? The Elite Side of Las Vegas

If you are looking for an impressive, luxurious place in Las Vegas where you can buy your property and live your ideal lifestyle, it’s definitely worth considering the MacDonald Highlands.

In recent years, this area has emerged as one of the most convenient places for individuals who seek exclusivity and privacy. The fact that this place is known as “Beverly Hills of Las Vegas” could be one of the reasons why a great number of celebrities and wealthy people started choosing MacDonald Highlands as their living area.

Living in the MacDonald Highlands is synonymous with being surrounded by breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline and enjoying a luxury lifestyle in the most convenient way possible.

Today, we’ll explain what the MacDonald Highlands can offer you and why it’s worth living in this modern, yet tranquil area.

Who Lives in MacDonald Highlands?

If we could describe the community of MacDonald Highlands in one word, it would definitely be “elite.” And this is not really surprising, considering the fact that MacDonald Highlands is an exclusive place in Henderson where every single building and amenity looks fancy.

This luxury lifestyle, coupled with natural beauty, a high quality of life, and convenience, is why celebrities, business magnates, and high-profile individuals reside in the MacDonald Highlands today.

For example, one of the most prominent members of this community is Nancy Walton Laurie, the daughter of Walmart co-founder James “Bud” Walton.

Also, in MacDonald Highlands, you may encounter Oscar De La Hoya — an American boxing promoter, and Anthony Hsieh, CEO of California-based mortgage lender LoanDepot.

This is not to mention celebrities like Nicolas Cage, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Andre Agassi, and many of those who enjoy playing golf and living a nice, wealthy lifestyle.

It goes without saying that living in such a community has a lot of advantages, especially for people who seek exclusivity. But one of the reasons why these wealthy people choose MacDonald Highlands as their premier living area is that here safety is a guarantee.

A Brief Overview of MacDonald Highlands

MacDonald Highlands is an exclusive community in Henderson, Nevada, that was founded by Richard MacDonald — the owner of the luxury property MacDonald Ranch, who designed this exclusive neighborhood specifically for those who admire a luxury lifestyle and natural beauty.

This Golden Gate senior community sits in the quiet foothills of Mt. McCullough, which is 1,320 acres strong and provides viewpoints of the Strip and surrounding peaks.

Here, the district is inhabited by the best architects and developers who build ultra-luxury single-family homes. The elegant landscaping, spacious views, and dramatic mountain background give the master-planned community such status.

One of the main amenities that attracts numerous celebrities to this area is its private 18-hole golf course called the DragonRidge Country Club, as well as numerous high-quality tennis courts, and fully-equipped fitness rooms that easily meet varied needs.

Despite its popularity, MacDonald Highlands is considered one of the safest areas not only in Nevada but in the United States.

Architectural Style of MacDonald Highlands Homes

In the MacDonald Highlands, the architectural’ style maximizes the benefits gained from the beauty of nature, which Las Vegas Valley is blessed with.

The community’s managers and owners include all those engaged in the process, such as architects and builders, who infuse creativity and beauty into the pre-existing residences and new developments.

The architectural style of the MacDonald Highlands homes is best described as “Desert Elegance Architecture”.

The community’s building regulations mandate that all residences match the desert topography. Minimalistic forms and natural materials like stone and stucco highlight this style, which takes up the home and gently merges it with the desert environment.

Therefore, owning a home in MacDonald Highlands means that you’ll be surrounded by harmonious landscapes full of modern home designs and breathtaking views.

Simply put, the natural beauty of this place matches the architectural style of the community buildings.

Living in MacDonald Highlands

Considering the fact that the MacDonald Highlands are inhabited by an elite community, living in this area comes with numerous benefits. The advantages of having DragonRidge Country Club and Four Seasons Private Residences are few to name.

Although many golf clubs in the area offer high-quality services, DragonRidge Community Club has built a reputation for being most distinguished with its championship golf course, a contemporary fitness center, tennis courts, and a luxury clubhouse that provides culinary delicacies and social events.

A newly opened Four Seasons Private Residences also brought MacDonald Highlands to a fresh level with its top-notch services, well-designed interior, and 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip and the nearby mountains

You can enjoy a wide range of premium amenities as well as very safe and relaxing living conditions in these communities. The best part is that this neighborhood is surrounded by lovely green landscaping and is only minutes away from Henderson, Nevada.

Dragonridge Country Club

DragonRidge Country Club is a deluxe amenity in MacDonald Highlands that has become a defining element of this neighborhood. This complex is carefully built with 18 championship golf courses designed by famous golf course architects — Jay Morrish and David Druzinskii.

Even if you’re just an amateur golfer instead of a professional one, you can still take advantage of this upscale amenity and relax by taking a look at its natural surroundings.

Besides golf, the club attracts members with a high-class fitness center that features cutting-edge exercise equipment. Members also have the opportunity to use top-grade tennis installations, a clubhouse, and a classification of dining venues that are adapted to various cooking styles.

That’s how DragonRidge Country Club sets the benchmark for luxury living that is so much appreciated by those in MacDonald Highlands and the neighborhood.

Four Seasons Private Residences

Speaking of luxury and privacy, nothing can reflect the luxury lifestyle of the MacDonald Highlands neighborhood as perfectly as the newly launched Four Seasons Private Residences. It’s an ultra-luxury project that promises the highest standards of living.

Note that all master designs for the residence were made by famous architects and interior designers. But this is only one of numerous reasons why an increasing number of wealthy people are choosing to live in this area.

For the fortunate ones who might be able to reside here in the future, the advantage of unmatched conveniences, such as personal concierge services, in-house dining, and exclusive health and wellness facilities, becomes a daily reality.

Owners will enjoy expansive living spaces, private pools, aesthetically pleasing landscapes, and, in general, the kind of privacy that only an establishment like Four Seasons can provide. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for those who demand the very best.

Luxury Homes at MacDonald Highlands

The majority of the MacDonald Highlands houses are real manifestations of prestige and luxury. Therefore, all the homes there are worth multi-million dollars and come in exceptional architectural design styles that attract various influential people from all over the world.

As an example, here are a few of the many expensive homes recently sold in the MacDonald Highlands:

  • 750 Dragon Ridge Drive

    This enormous mansion, which features 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a 2.2-acre lot, was sold for $11.25 million. The measurement of this mansion is almost 15,500 square feet, and it represents a masterpiece of modern architecture in this luxury community.

  • Richard Look Collection Home

    Another significant property that perfectly shows the luxury of MacDonald Highlands is part of the Richard Look Collection. These homes consist of a total of 20 units, and they were built by five different builders. The homes are listed at $3 to $5 million and they range from 5,000 square feet to 7,000 square feet.

  • Jewel Homes

    One more outstanding property that was sold in MacDonald Highlands is built by Jewel Homes in the south valley of Enterprise. It was listed for $2.9 million on behalf of George Kliavkoff. This home is another great example of a property, specifically designed for high-profile individuals.

Real Estate Market & Trends

As a result of the multiple advantages MacDonald Highlands offers, more and more wealthy people continue buying properties in this area and therefore, the real estate market grows at a fast pace.

According to the Realtor, currently, there are 129 homes for sale in MacDonald Highlands and the average listing price of houses ranges from $510,000 to $75 million.

Based on recent data (April 2024), the average price of a MacDonald Highlands house was $3.3 million, while the price per square foot was $723. Moreover, on average, a typical house in this area was sold for $1.4 million.

When it comes to recent trends, there has been a noticeable increase in the construction of new properties. Note that most of these new buildings were created with advanced home technologies and spacious designs, not to mention eco-friendly materials that were used in the construction process. All this, in turn, shows the great investment potential of MacDonald Highlands.

Benefits of Living in MacDonald Highlands

Once you become a resident of the MacDonald Highlands, you’ll have a chance to take advantage of unusual opportunities and enjoy life surrounded by luxury, safety, and beautiful nature.

To be more precise, let’s consider a few benefits of living in the MacDonald Highlands:

  • Stunning views
    Since the MacDonald Highlands community is located in the green scenic foothills, here you’ll have a chance to take a look at magnificent views of the Vegas Strip and the surrounding mountains.
  • World-class amenities – Residents can enjoy a range of exceptional amenities, such as DragonRidge Country Club, an advanced fitness center, tennis facilities, and fine cuisine.

  • Guaranteed security – One of the reasons why celebrities enjoy living in MacDonald Highlands is its extra safety. Here, the houses have 24/7 gated security and, therefore, the residents are totally at ease and live in a safe place.

  • A sense of community
    Living in this luxury area means that you have a chance to communicate with like-minded individuals, socialize, and take part in top-notch social events, suitable to your elegant lifestyle.

  • Proximity to Las Vegas
    MacDonald Highlands is only minutes away from the entertainment and dining options of Las Vegas. This is especially convenient for people who would like to leave peacefully but want to be still connected with Vegas entertainment life.

Top 5 Facts About MacDonald Highlands

  1. MacDonald Highlands is located in Henderson, the second-largest city in Nevada. Therefore, this exclusive community provides a feel of small-town charm despite its size.

  1. It was ranked among the top 50 Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine in 2018 and was also named the second safest large city in America by MoneyGeek in 2024.

  1. If you are looking for magical panoramic views and a close location to Las Vegas, then MacDonald Highlands is for you. Its high location makes it home to residents who enjoy combining nature’s beauty with urban convenience.

  1. DragonRidge Country Club, which is one of the most attractive amenities for the community, is an ideal sport for sports enthusiasts. If an active routine and a healthy lifestyle are familiar concepts to you, this will become your favorite place in Macdonald’s Highlands. 

  1. MacDonald Highlands is very close to the 215 Beltway. As a result, it allows quick access to key destinations like the Las Vegas Strip, Henderson Executive Airport, and Harry Reid International Airport.

Final Thoughts

Now you already have plenty of reasons why it’s worth living in the exclusive community of MacDonald Highlands. This luxurious living area represents the ultimate concept of privacy and sophistication.

Therefore, if you’re planning to move or looking to design your dream home next to celebrities, business magnates, or just like-minded individuals who live the same lifestyle as you do, maybe it’s time to get in touch with our professional team of interior designers at Sean Design and let us surprise you with our exceptional architectural services.

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