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Custom Pool Design for Luxury Homes in Las Vegas

One can hardly imagine a luxury house in Las Vegas without a decent swimming pool. But if you think any random pool will do, think again. After all, a pool should be more than just a place to swim. It’s a significant part of your interior design in Las Vegas. That’s exactly why wealthy homeowners spend so much time, energy, and funds on finding a professional pool designer who can create a custom pool design that will impress anyone.

It doesn’t matter whether your house already has a swimming pool or you’re about to add one, designing a pool requires a creative vision, experience, and expertise. Hiring a professional Las Vegas designer like Sean is a guarantee that your pool design enhances your home’s overall design and creates a luxury atmosphere in your outdoor area.

Our Pool Design Services
with Sean

Sean Design provides a wide range of pool design services in Las Vegas that cover most types of swimming pools, such as lap pools, natural pools, open and airy options, those that include a lounge area, and those that come with waterfall features. In order to design a pool that satisfies your taste and vision, you can collaborate with our swimming pool designer and benefit from these services:

  • Custom Design Swimming Pools

The best way to create a modern pool design that matches the overall style of your house is to choose a custom design. Our service of custom pools in Las Vegas will allow you to choose the type, shape, and all important features of your pool by yourself with the assistance of our designer.

  • 3D Pool Design

We allow our customers to visualize their pool designs before the construction process starts. For this, our interior designer uses advanced 3D rendering technology. As a result, you can see a detailed, lifelike model of your future pool in advance.

  • Inground Pools

We also design and oversee the construction of various types of inground swimming pools. This pool project is ideal for those who want to create a healthy place for their kids and spend significant time outdoors.

  • Backyard Pool Designs

Other than working on a pool design itself, your pool project can consist of designing your entire backyard and creating a real oasis out of it. Our interior designer in Las Vegas will consider all important elements of your outdoor space to help you create a relaxing space.

  • Pool and Spa Design

If you dream of having a spa close to your swimming pool right at home, we also offer a pool and spa design service that is perfect for creating the ultimate backyard retreat for leisure activities.

Pool Design Process at Sean Design: What To Expect

If you’re wondering what to expect during your pool design project with Sean Design, you should know that the entire pool design process consists of the following phases:

Step 1: Getting in Touch

The process of designing your pool starts with an initial consultation with our pool designer in Las Vegas. We’ll review your home and ask you questions about your vision, needs, and preferences.

Step 2: Developing Your Design

Once we’re aware of your ideals, we start working on your pool design in Las Vegas and present it to you using advanced 3D rendering technology. This helps you visualize your future pool in detail.

Step 3: Planning and Construction

Professionals at our interior design studio will also assist you in taking care of permits and planning the process of construction. We’ll collaborate with the most skilled craftsmen to ensure the construction goes according to the pool design we developed.

Step 4: Overview and Final Touches

Finally, your new pool is ready and all we have left to do is to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure everything is perfect. Of course, we won’t hesitate to make any final adjustments. Only afterwards we consider your pool project successfully done.

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Let Us Create Your Perfect Pool Design

At Sean Design, our custom pool designs rely on decades of experience and our principal designer’s keen interest in the latest trends and innovations in the interior design industry. Therefore, if you’re looking for expert pool designers in Las Vegas who can create a natural, tranquil oasis right at your luxury home, don’t hesitate to collaborate with us!

The satisfied reviews from our loyal customers who have benefited from landscape design services at Sean Design say a lot about our commitment to quality and excellence. Check out Sean’s portfolio of luxury design projects yourself and take the first step to schedule your consultation with our team!


What is the cost of designing a custom pool in Las Vegas?

The price of your pool design project in Las Vegas depends on various factors and changes based on the types of your desired pool, its style, materials, and the use of additional features like waterfalls or spas. Roughly, the cost can start at around $5000 if you’re looking for a more affordable pool design that only includes basic features. But if you’re aiming to create a luxury pool design in Las Vegas, the potential price might go up to $15,000 or more.

If you’re aiming to balance all elements of your pool design and create the best pool design in Las Vegas, we recommend keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Type of a swimming pool (including size and shape)
  • Your potential budget
  • Desired pool features (e.g., spa, waterfalls, lighting)
  • Pool materials and finishes
  • Proximity to the house
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Safety and local regulations of Las Vegas

Luxury homeowners in Las Vegas started to opt for modern pool designs that come in minimalistic styles. Some of the most trendy features of swimming pools in Nevada these days are clean lines, geometric shapes, and fire features such as fire pits or bowls.

Don’t forget about natural pool elements as well, such as waterfalls and stonework. Designing an eco-friendly pool with sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems.


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