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A bathroom is one of the most functional spaces in any house. Having a well-designed bathroom with a convenient layout almost directly affects the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the house. Luxury homeowners at Summerlin understand this and that’s why they carefully consider all aspects to find and hire the most professional bathroom designer in Summerlin.


The main principles of interior designers at Sean Design are to rely on your needs, bring our expert vision, and use all the required resources to create the most sophisticated Summerlin bathroom design. It is our pleasure to assist in creating your dream bathroom that is both functional and adds significant value to your house.

Our Bathroom Design Services at Sean Design

Each of our professional bathroom design services at Sean Design aims to turn your bathroom into a beautiful and practical space suitable for your overall home design. Here are some of the most highly demanded bathroom design services in Summerlin for our customers:


  • Bathroom design


Our expert designers are skilled at creating personalized interior designs for all areas of your house, including the bathroom. We can design your interior based on your vision, whether it’s a calm, spa-like retreat, contemporary design, or minimalistic style. 


  • Remodeling your bathroom


Other than enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetics, we can also adjust its layout and think of some creative ways that will enhance its functionality. Your bathroom design in Summerlin will be remodeled based on your personal style and specific requests.


  • Tile and flooring installation


We can also help you choose quality tiles and flooring materials that will give your bathroom the enhancement it needs. Our expert craftsmen will make sure every feature is installed correctly and smoothly to give your bathroom an elegant look.


  • Features upgrade


If you wish to have a new shower system or upgrade your vanities, we will help improve any aspect of your bathroom. Our professional bathroom designer in Summerlin will make the necessary upgrades to add extra value to your property.

Process of Remodeling Your Bathroom in Summerlin

Before we start collaborating on your luxury bathroom design in Summerlin, we’d like to point out that the entire process is transparent and as enjoyable for our customers, as possible. Here’s how it looks:


Step 1: Initial contact

We first engage in a conversation to get to know you and your needs for bathroom remodeling. If you qualify for our services, a project manager will come to your house to sort out everything we need to develop your Summerlin home design.


At the end of this consultation, we will specify the details of the project and give an estimated cost and a timeline to create your best bathroom design in Summerlin.


Step 2: Developing your bathroom design


We will provide the final drawings, and layouts, and develop the 3D home design using the latest rendering technologies. Your project manager will assist in completing all the requirements that you have discussed before.


Step 3: Pre-Construction


At this stage, it’s time to shop! We will help you choose all the materials we’ll need to renovate your Summerlin bathroom from accredited suppliers. An integral part of this phase is consulting you to obtain permits and prepare all needed legal documentation.


Step 4: Construction Phases


First, we will demolish your existing site and get it ready for reconstruction. Then, we’ll start installing the drywall and the plumbing to ensure the space is ready for the next step. As we carefully install all elements, your new bathroom starts to take shape after all components are correctly placed.


Step 5: Conclusion and final review


Before we finish working on your modern bathroom design, our project manager will review the renovated bathroom with you and address any final changes. Finally, you’ll check the project and accept that everything is designed in a proper condition, according to your expectations.

Cost and Budgeting for Your Bathroom Project

Getting to know the estimated cost of your upcoming Summerlin bathroom project is a necessary step if you want to plan each detail with precision. Here are the main aspects to know about budgeting your bathroom design services in Summerlin:


  • Minor renovations – If you wish to change only small features of your Summerlin house design, your estimated budget might range from $1,500 to $5,000. This is only if you’re updating fixtures, paint, or lighting.


  • Significant renovations – When it comes to a complete facelift, new plumbing, changes in layout, and other big improvements, expect a budget of around $10,000 – $25,000.


  • Upgrading the design – if you want to have a luxury bathroom design in Summerlin, this will be the most costly route. The budget for adding quality materials to your bathroom and perhaps even structural changes starts at $30,000.


How Do You Find the Right Interior Designer For Your Needs?

While vision, creativity, and an eye for detail are definitely important aspects, experience is everything when it comes to choosing the right interior designer for your bathroom. The reason is that previous projects allow designers to anticipate potential issues and take care of problems before they even happen.


That’s one of the reasons that Sean Design stands out among interior designers in Las Vegas. Positive testimonials from our customers are proof that people trust us and don’t hesitate to invest in our professionalism.


One more important aspect that you shouldn’t overlook is the team’s willingness to communicate. After all, you’ll have to be involved at all stages of your bathroom design project and smooth, effective communication with the team will simplify the process. At Sean Design, we maintain a collaborative approach to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Luxury homeowners at Summerlin choose Sean Design for their bathroom renovation projects for a few important reasons: Sean is reliable and creative, has more than two decades of experience in the industry, and has a rich portfolio that includes a range of styles.


At Sean Design, we take our inspiration from architecture and design and feel privileged to present various creative ideas and effective redesigns, which we constantly strive to develop further.


If you’re ready to experience the highest standard of bathroom renovation with a personalized touch, get in touch with us, schedule an initial consultation, and let us elevate your Summerlin house with the bathroom of your dreams!


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