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Luxury Kitchen Design Solutions for Sunrise Homes

Do you know what turns a house into a true home? A well-structured kitchen with an elegant, contemporary design. If you’re looking to add value to your Sunrise property and create a luxurious kitchen, you need the best kitchen designer in Sunrise.

Our professional designer offers luxury interiors that impress guests. Whether updating your current kitchen or starting from scratch, our expert services have you covered.

Our Kitchen Design Services in Sunrise


Our interior design studio offers a wide range of kitchen design services in Sunrise and other Las Vegas communities. Based on your project’s scope, needs, and preferences, you can choose from these services:

Kitchen design development: A well-structured layout is essential for a luxury kitchen. Our designer plans the placement of all elements.

Material selection: We help you choose premium materials for countertops, cabinets, floors, and other areas.

Appliance selection: We provide consultations to ensure your kitchen appliances are modern, functional, and suitable for your home design.

3D rendering: Designer Sean uses advanced 3D technology for visualizing and adjusting plans.

Lighting solutions: We offer detailed lighting plans to make your kitchen stylish and functional.

A Step-By-Step Process of Your Kitchen Design Project

Our interior designer works on your Sunrise kitchen design in phases planned and agreed upon with you to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

At Sean Design, you can expect these phases while upgrading your interior design in Las Vegas:

Step 1: Initial Consultation
We start with a face-to-face meeting to understand your ideas, needs, and budget. During this stage, we visit your house to assess the space and discuss your vision.

Step 2: Planning Your Dream Kitchen
Developing a detailed layout is crucial. We use innovative 3D rendering technology to create a comprehensive design, covering layout, materials, appliances, fixtures, lighting, and essential elements.

Step 3: Constructing Your Kitchen
Our team collaborates with skilled craftsmen to ensure the project proceeds as planned. Our interior designer is personally involved to ensure everything matches the approved design.

Step 4: Adding Final Touches
After completion, we review the project with you and make any necessary adjustments. Our goal is to meet your needs and leave you fully satisfied with your contemporary kitchen design.

Create a Stunning Kitchen with Sean Design

Now you’re one step away from creating the best kitchen design in Sunrise and collaborating with Sean Afriat —  an expert interior designer behind our company.

Sean has over two decades of experience in the interior design industry, not to mention his artistic vision, creative approach, and diverse portfolio of interior design projects in Las Vegas.


Contact us today to schedule our first meet-up and let us design the kitchen of your dreams in Sunrise.


What is the potential cost of designing a kitchen in Sunrise?

If you’re planning to redesign the interior of your kitchen, it’s natural that you want to know the potential costs of interior design prices in Sunrise to set the right budget. Usually, the cost of your kitchen design relies on several factors:


  • The complexity of the kitchen design
  • The quality of the materials you choose
  • The size of your kitchen
  • Additional services you’d love to receive


Roughly, you can expect to spend between $10,000 and $50,000. For a more precise estimate, it’s best to consult with our team at Sean Design.

How long does a Sunrise kitchen design project take?

While we can’t tell you the exact timeline of your kitchen design project in Sunrise in advance, you should know that the average duration of kitchen designing projects in Sunrise takes from 4 to 12 weeks. The exact time we’ll require depends on the complexity of the project, our designer’s workload, and of course, how quickly you make decisions when it comes to choosing materials and appliances.

How can I choose the best interior designer in Las Vegas?

We recommend relying on a few factors to find a professional kitchen designer in Sunrise whose vision will be a good fit for your needs:


  • Years of experience in the interior design industry of Las Vegas. That way you can ensure the designer understands current trends and legal requirements.
  • Review their portfolio to assess the style and quality of their previous kitchen projects.
  • Make sure the designer you choose uses the 3D home design technology so that you can take a look at the detailed visual representation of your future kitchen.


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