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Las Vegas Retail Space Design Service

Owning a retail shop in Las Vegas means understanding the importance of luxury visuals and elegant design for customer impact. Consequently, retail interior design services are favored by renowned brands to meet customer needs. Professional retail interior design in Las Vegas not only enhances shop atmosphere but also creates a safe, reliable environment that boosts customer experience and sales. At Sean Design, our expert designs interiors for lasting impressions, ensuring every inch reflects your brand’s identity and values.

Our Retail Store Design in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, retail store owners partner with professionals like Sean to authentically express their brand identities through store design. Sean Design offers comprehensive commercial interior design services tailored to achieve this objective.

Conceptualization Whether launching a new brand or refining an existing identity, our conceptualization service crafts an atmosphere that captivates your audience and aligns with their preferences. This ensures your store distinguishes itself in the competitive retail environment by resonating deeply with customer needs.

Interior Architecture Creating an optimal, visually striking layout is pivotal. We meticulously design harmonious structural elements, integrating well-planned lighting, refined acoustics, and premium materials that harmonize with your store’s overarching aesthetic. This meticulous attention guarantees a unified and appealing retail environment.

3D Visualization To provide clarity on your store’s final appearance, we utilize advanced 3D rendering technology. This offers a lifelike preview of textures, colors, lighting, and other design elements prior to implementation, preemptively resolving any potential discrepancies and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Custom Furniture and Fixtures Grounded in a thorough understanding of your brand ethos and core values, we curate bespoke furniture and fixtures that reflect your brand’s essence. Each element of the retail interior design subtly reinforces your brand identity, fostering a cohesive and unforgettable shopping experience.

Why Choose Sean Design for Your Retail Design Project?

The thing that makes our retail interior design services in Las Vegas stand out is the vision, dedication, and experience of our main interior designer — Sean Afriat. Sean is an architectural and interior designer who has been working in the Las Vegas design industry for more than a decade. His experience allows him to bring strategic insight to every retail design project and drive customer experience as a result.


His unique style is ideally reflected in this recent retail store project for the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. If you take a look at the project, you’ll quickly understand what luxury retail interior design means to us and how we can create visually impressive places at highly strategic, prestigious locations.


Still, Sean’s vision isn’t the only reason why retail store owners in Las Vegas often choose to collaborate with us. Here are some of our additional competitive advantages:


  • Customer-centered approach
  • A diverse portfolio of interior design projects
  • Expertise in strategic locations of Las Vegas and entire Nevada
  • A wide range of interior design and architecture services


What is the cost of a retail interior design project in Las Vegas?

The cost of collaborating with a professional retail interior designer in Las Vegas varies based on a few factors. In general, larger retail spaces in more prestigious areas cost more than smaller-scale boutiques that are located in less crowded areas. Another important factor that affects the budget of the project is the quality of finishes and furniture. Naturally, custom furniture that comes in luxury materials costs more.


Roughly, retail interior designers usually charge from $50 to $200 per hour. In terms of the cost of the entire project, this can vary from $3,000 for smaller projects to $25,000 for bigger retail stores and sometimes even more. We’ll provide detailed cost estimates for your projects after our initial consultation.

During the process of your retail interior design project, you should expect the following phases:


  • Initial consultation – The aim of the initial stage is to meet the principal designer, explain what your brand represents, and what your core values are, and let them know your expectations about the design. We will also gather information about your budget and provide an estimated cost and timeline of the project.


  • Concept and design development – During the next stages, we’ll start working on developing the initial concept of your brand and discuss ​​various retail interior designs ideas with you to plan your layout. At the end of this stage, you’ll get a detailed 3D representation of your future retail interior design project.


  • Coordinating the project – Then, we’ll start preparing construction documents, obtaining permits, and getting your space ready for construction. Our interior designer will coordinate the entire project to ensure everything goes according to our plan. Finally, you’ll overview the project, and suggest adjustments if there are any, and only afterward we consider the goal accomplished.

Sean Design offers the best retail interior design services for various types of shops that require sophisticated design in order to attract customers and prove their brand value. Here are the different types of retail interior design stores we collaborate with:


  • Fashion boutiques
  • Pop-up stores
  • Department stores
  • Luxury retail stores
  • Vintage and antique stores
  • Art galleries
  • Flagship stores


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