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Innovative Interior Design Studio in Las Vegas

Ambitious. Luxurious. Far from ordinary.

Sean Design is a boutique architectural and interior studio based in Las Vegas, led by the founder, Sean Afriat. The company stands out with a highly personalized approach and an accompanying process that allows our clients to work closely with a visionary designer dedicated to creating their dream homes.

Founded in 2017, our professional team is dedicated to providing luxurious interior designs that reflect the sophisticated tastes of Las Vegas homeowners. The philosophy of our studio is based on the belief that every client deserves a home that shows their personality and lifestyle. This is why Sean takes time to understand every detail of our clients’ visions and collaborate closely with them before the final outcome.

At Sean Design, we offer a wide range of interior and exterior design services for both residential and commercial projects. Specifically, our expertise includes kitchen and bathroom design, architectural and landscape designs, as well as personal consultations for spatial planning, material selections, and final installations.

All this is supported by advanced 3D technology, which helps clients visualize their spaces before construction begins.

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Meet The Founder: Sean Afriat

Creativity and a keen eye for aesthetics have always been at the core of who Sean is.

Sean Afriat is an architectural and interior designer behind Sean Design in Las Vegas, Nevada. He spent his early years exploring the arts and started his career as a professional photographer. His passion for reviving the environments he once captured through his lens led Sean to study architectural design.

Before establishing Sean Design in 2017, Sean worked for prestigious companies in the Bahamas, Dubai, and Los Angeles as a practical engineer and interior designer. This global artistic vision and technical precision inspired him to create a boutique design studio that reflects his eccentric style: Dark, Modern, Contemporary..

For the last two decades, Sean has built a reputation for signature, elegant designs.


Sean Afriat


Sean’s Philosophy & Vision

Our vision is simple: we are committed to excellence. And this, in turn, starts with a personal touch.

What is the secret to our successful projects? Three things:

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and give them the confidence to design the homes of their dreams. Whatever your vision, Sean Design is here to make it a reality.

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