What is Dark Academia Design Style? Key Elements & Ideas

dark academia design

Dark academia or dark academic style is a concept of a modern trend in the design industry based on the love and respect for classical literature and the desire to create an environment similar to the one in elite universities of today and yesterday.

If you’re familiar with this nostalgic trend of the design world, you probably understand that dark academia decor combines Gothic, Victorian, and neoclassical architectural motifs that provide the room with a mentally developing atmosphere.

Luxury homeowners in Las Vegas who are in the process of redesigning their homes often choose dark academia bedroom styles, especially if they desire a mysterious and educational feel. Let us explain what is so special about dark academia homes and how you can integrate them into your bedroom.

What is Dark Academia Design Style?

dark academia design living room

The modern dark academia interior design comes from the classical, gothic, and scholarly concepts that are usually used in grand universities and ancient library buildings, such as the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford or the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale. The main characteristics of this style are dark and warm colors, specifically, lots of dark browns, greens, and burgundies. These colors easily create the vibes of mystery to the intellectual.

As for the objects of this design, usually it features wooden furniture with dark finishes, antique items, old books, and leather-bound books, most of which are placed on fancy bookshelves.

The paintings that imitate classical art are also part of dark academia architecture, as they easily contribute to the creation of the antique atmosphere. The most common features that can be spotted in dark academic designs are brass or gold details, leather armchairs, and soft light.

Key Elements of Dark Academia Style

Similar to all specific design styles, the dark house aesthetic is characterized by unique materials, textures, lighting, vintage elements, and even candles. If you’re thinking about creating an academia home design to add the atmosphere of classical literature and gothic-influenced architecture to your home, you can consider including the following key elements:

Muted Color Palette

Deep, muted palettes that can be described as rich and dark should be used to paint the academia style house: burgundy, forest green, navy blue, and dark brown. These colors are mysterious and stimulate curiosity in visitors. Therefore, they are perfect for creating a dark academic atmosphere.

Vintage Elements

If you really want to create a dark academia look in your house, the easiest way is to get vintage items, such as old lamps, old globes, if any, old typewriters, framed maps, etc. The thing is that old universities and ancient buildings always feature such vintage elements. And you should too, if you want to bring academic nostalgia to your home’s environment.

Books and Bookshelves

Let’s say dark academia homes are unimaginable without plenty of books and shelves. Books can be even considered a key element of any type of academia aesthetic room. Thus, you can place absolute leather-bound volumes, manuscripts, and other antique items on cabinets with dark house aesthetic wooden furniture. Perhaps you could also think about installing a rolling library ladder to make your room look more scholarly.

Artwork and Decor

No big old university or library design can be complete without ancient artworks like oil paintings or sometimes even black & white photographs on the walls. Pictures, frames, and mirrors will all make your room look more elegant if they are added thoughtfully.

Candles and Lanterns

The rule of thumb for a sophisticated dark aesthetic home is to add as many candles and lanterns as you can in order to bring soft, warm lighting. Candles in holders, beanies, sconces, chandeliers, or lanterns with lighted candles at night give the feeling of being welcomed.

Rugs and Fabrics

One last integral element of the dark home aesthetic is covering most areas with rugs and curtains. Such details bring warmth and character into the design and thus, support the considerations based on the cozy concept. Make sure to follow dark academia colors, though, in order to make your rugs and fabrics suitable to the overall house design.

Dark Academia Bedroom Ideas for Your Luxury Home

dark academia bedroom design

Other than the overall popularity of the dark academia architectural design, currently, more and more homeowners choose to create a dark academia bedroom with rich textures, deep colors, and other scholarly elements.

If you also desire to create such an old money room in your house and looking for some inspiration, take a look at some dark academia bedroom decor ideas and decide which of them are suitable for your bedroom style:

  • Use a dark color palette on all accessories

Choose rich shades of black. It can be something like burgundy, forest green, and navy blue for the walls. Make sure to apply these colors not only on the wall and decor but on bed linens and accessories as well. These tones produce a strong and warm invitation and a whimsical feel which is so important for dark academia aesthetics.

  • Add a sense of fantasy

Considering that the dark academia style is closely associated with the fantasy genre in literature and cinema, you should definitely consider adding vintage decor items, such as old astronomical charts or mythical creature statues. Some other ideas can be a four-poster bed made of dark wood, a writing desk made of mahogany, or a vintage chair.

  • Layered Textures and Opulent Fabrics

As a part of your dark academia bedroom, we also recommend including luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk, and wool, especially on the bed, curtains, and sofas. The reason is that all these materials provide a nice appeal and comfort to your bedroom. The same applies to opulent fabrics – their dark colors are everything you require for a mysterious vibe.

dark academia bedroom design

Final Thoughts

As you can see, designing your house using a dark academia style doesn’t have to be that difficult. All you need to keep in mind is that the essence of this aesthetic is to vary the design between the elements of classical beauty, intellectual curiosity, and a mysterious, old atmosphere.

And this is perfectly possible with the help of professional interior designers of Sean Design.Just take a look at our latest design project in Irvine, Orange County and you’ll quickly understand what’s the essence of dark academia design style and how we can bring this luxury aesthetic to your home.

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