Why You Should Live in Henderson, Nevada - A Guide to Luxury & Lifestyle

Henderson Nevada water street district

Who doesn’t want to live in a place that’s defined by luxury and a high quality of life, but still

remains affordable and accessible? Life in Henderson, NV, offers just that.
The quiet atmosphere of the town of Henderson can help you live a harmonious life with its mix of natural landscapes and urbanized areas. High employment opportunities, budget-friendly cost of living, entertainment, and recreation are some of the other factors that make Henderson one of the best places to live. And the best part?
It’s just 20 minutes away from Las Vegas!
In this article, we’ll discuss all about living in Henderson, NV, to help you understand why it’s a good place to live.

Introducing Henderson — The Rising Star Next to Las Vegas

To describe Henderson in one sentence, it could be “the city that has the greatest investment

potential in America”. Even if it’s not the only city with such a prospect, Henderson is indeed one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.
Over the last two decades, the population of Henderson almost doubled and reached more than 340,000. And this trend continues. The natural beauty of the city, friendly community, and close location to Las Vegas attract more and more people to Henderson.

Furthermore, a clean and calm neighborhood and infrastructure that perfectly merge innovation, luxurious style, and convenience impress new residents from nearby locations. And the planning of the city? It makes Henderson an excellent place to live without the stress of traffic jams.

Another thing to note about this city is that Henderson cares about future generations and offers a high-quality educational system for all ages. As a result, it’s easy to live a harmonious life with Henderson’s entertainment options, especially if you love the arts or nightlife.

A Brief History of Henderson, NV

The history of the rising star city of Henderson, America, started in 1929 when the construction of Hoover Dam began. This was the time when the town's current site was built. Henderson began to grow pretty soon and became well-known in the country during the first three years of establishment.

Interestingly, the reason for the high and quick popularity of Henderson was magnesium
production. The city soon became one of the prime producers of magnesium in the US. So,
during World War II, this small and beautiful place played a significant role in the wartime industry.
After the war, Henderson tried to gain popularity beyond magnesium production and handled it successfully. Despite the decrease in demand for magnesium, Henderson maintained a solid and stable economic situation and gained popularity by establishing headquarters for multinational companies such as Levi Strauss, Ford Credit, etc. Still, numerous entrepreneurs choose Henderson for their business success.

Interesting Facts About Henderson

  • At the beginning of the city’s history, the first name was Hoover Dam. The place had this catchy name during its 1-3 years of existence.
  • The name ‘Henderson’ comes from Senator Charles Belknap Henderson.
  • ‘Hoover Dam’ was renamed ‘Henderson’ in 1942.
  • Henderson is a very fast-growing city in the country and welcomes almost 6,000 new residents monthly.
  • According to AdvisorSmith, Henderson is the second safest city in the US.

10 Reasons Why Henderson, NV, is a Nice Place to Live

The list of benefits and why it is the best decision to live in Henderson is huge. But today, we will outline the leading pros that will help you create a harmonic, safe, and comfortable life in Henderson.

Here’s why this city welcomes residents of all ages and suggests an excellent environment for everyone:

1. Proximity to Las Vegas

Being the second largest city in Nevada and close to the well-known Las Vegas is a lucky point for Henderson.
First, Henderson is an excellent choice for those who love noisy trips, unusual adventures, and nightlife. Considering that you need about 20 minutes to visit one of the most famous cities in the world and have the opportunity to live in a calm atmosphere, it creates excellent conditions for young and older people. 

This means that you can even visit Las Vegas spontaneously by car and make great memories with your friends!

2. Thriving Economy

Henderson is famous not only for living but also for developing your business. There, you will find many headquarters of multimillion-dollar companies, which helps Henderson’s economy  achieve fantastic results quickly.

That is how the city promises a bright future for its residents. In addition, it makes it easy for people of all ages to find a decent job in Henderson.

 Living in a city, with an outstanding, fast-growing, and stable economic industry that offers tons of  

opportunities to work and develop, can simply be described as an environment in Henderson. 

3. Luxury Lifestyle


Are you a big fan of the luxury lifestyle and want to reach it in a budget-friendly way? That is simply possible by relocating to Henderson.

 Let’s start with the beautiful and luxurious infrastructure of the city, which will amaze you. Houses in Henderson are designed with fantastic style.

 They are both innovative and classy at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer cozy homes or luxurious villas, this city allows you to afford both of them. Don’t forget about the fantastic gardening system and the nature of the city as well — they make the atmosphere of Henderson even more remarkable.

  4. Outdoor Recreation & Natural Beauty

  Green cities are the future of urbanization. It creates a healthy living environment, which is essential for everyone. Henderson combines nature and urban style with an excellent outdoor recreation system.

 Most new housing developments in Henderson, NV, have cozy recreation zones. This, in turn, makes a new place feel like home from the first impression. In addition, Henderson’s location is outstanding because of its natural beauty, which creates a clean climate in the city. And if you dream of having a healthy environment for your kids, relocating to Henderson is probably a wise decision for your family.

5. A Safe Place to Call Home

These days, living in a safe city has become one of the top priorities for American homeowners. The thing is that crime rates are high in most US cities, which makes it hard to find a community where you and your family can truly feel secure. Fortunately, Henderson is an exceptional place and safer than most other American cities.

In fact, the rate of annual crimes in Henderson is approximately 3.02 per 1000 residents. This means a low result, which makes Henderson a safe place to live. As a result of these rates, Forbes named Henderson the second safest city in the country!

It’s also important to note that the police work perfectly in Henderson and always ensure residents safety. The neighborhood of the city is well-known for its safe and calm atmosphere. So, without any worries, you can bring your family to Henderson.

6. Family-Friendly Community

Let’s be honest: having a good neighborhood makes life much easier and more enjoyable. Well, this is how you will experience life in Henderson, NV. 

This city is known for its close-knit community feel. It is almost like in old harmonic movies where neighbors know each other, hospitality is high, and the atmosphere is very positive. Isn’t such a kind of community essential for families, especially for those who have kids? After all, it creates a perfect environment for little ones to live in a friendly place.

7. Educational Opportunities

If you are looking for new educational opportunities, Henderson is an ideal place for you!

In this fast-growing city, you will find many reputable academic institutions, including public schools, famous academies, etc., and raising your children in Henderson promises you a bright future in education and career.

One of the most attractive things about Henderson is that the city offers excellent opportunities for high-quality education for kids and adults. Short- and long-term learning programs with a high chance of getting job offers will help you succeed in Henderson.

8. A Booming Job Market

Building a successful career in a big city might sound like an unrealistic dream, but guess what? This is another possible and simple opportunity in Henderson. This city is home to the headquarters of many famous companies, such as MetricFox, USWeb, PJ&A, and more. Because of its growing potential, more and more businesses are starting to develop in Henderson.

Another interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs is that the educational system of this place offers many training programs for different professions. These conditions make Henderson ideal for starting or growing your career in multimillion-dollar companies from diverse industries.

9. A Hotspot for Investment

If you’re into the real estate market, you might have heard that Henderson is booming nowadays. The city has diverse housing options for different conditions and budgets. And the fact that plenty of tech giants are finding new quarters in the town makes Henderson a new hotspot for investors worldwide.

Such a booming real estate market quickly expands the city, benefiting Henderson and its residents. This, in turn, promotes long-term growth in the economic industry of Henderson.

10. Affordability

Finally, after discussing all these benefits, you might think it’s unusual but yes, luxurious Henderson isn’t expensive. Instead, living in Henderson is affordable. How is this possible?

Even if the place offers fancy houses with fantastic nature and outdoor recreation, as we 
mentioned, there are outstanding educational institutions, companies for career growth, and opportunities for fruitful investment. As a result, the city remains an affordable living expense.

That makes Henderson an ideal place, especially for young families who have just started their new chapter of life.

What to Do in Henderson, Nevada

When we describe Henderson as a calm and harmonic place, don’t imagine it as quiet and boring. This beautiful place allows you to entertain and create unforgettable memories in many ways. No matter whether you want to live in nature or have a fun nightlife, in Henderson, both options are equally possible. For more clarification, here are the top things people enjoy
 doing in Henderson:

  • Visiting Lake Mead and Colorado River –
    For those who want to discover new places and love traveling in nature, these two spots might be ideal. Even more – chances arethat you will fall in love with this nature immediately after getting there. These places are especially popular for those who enjoy camping and having fun with friends.
  • Henderson music and art events – The city offers many incredible and frequent events with famous artist exhibitions and loud concerts for different music tastes. In the city, you can simply find chill-out options.
  • Trip to Las Vegas – You only need 15-20 minutes to reach one of the top cities in the world, where you can have as many crazy adventures as you imagine. The land of clubs and gambling spots is ideal for testing your adrenaline and luck.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Henderson

As you can see, Henderson offers so many benefits that it’s hard to believe all things happen in a single city. But all these advantages are realistic and merged in this calm and fast-growing city. To sum up, here are the advantages of relocating to Henderson: 

  • High-level of safety – A low rate of crime, excellent conditions of safety, and trusted security policies create a safe environment for all residents of Henderson.
  • Healthy and friendly environment – Henderson is known for its friendly and hospitable neighborhood. Also, the nature of the city creates non-polluted air, which is very rare in most cities.

  •  Diverse opportunities to grow – Whether about your education or career, Henderson offers many companies and educational institutions to help you succeed conveniently and affordably.

  • Low cost of living & high quality of life – Merging these together seems complicated, but Henderson offers it to its residents. The city is affordable with its low prices on real estate and services. On the other hand, Henderson offers a high-quality life in a luxurious atmosphere where everyone feels special.

  • Booming of investments – Today, Henderson is considered one of the best places to invest. That way, the city has permanent new opportunities to grow and improve the atmosphere for residents. On the other hand, the list of cons of living in Henderson is short:

  • Summer in Henderson, NV, is quite hot. Typically, the average high reaches up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average low is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this is also typical of other cities in Nevada.

  • Considering that the popularity of Henderson continues to grow, the cost of living increases. Although buying properties is rather affordable, the current cost of living in Henderson is higher than the national average.
  • Public transportation in Henderson isn’t ideal. Because of the traffic, residents usually prefer buying cars, instead of using public transport options.

Top Areas to Live in Henderson, NV

Henderson offers a variety of real estate, including more than 20 communities to live in. Among them, most communities have outstanding housing infrastructure, cozy outdoor reincarnation zones, and high-quality living conditions.

The most famous part of Henderson is Green Valley South. This is the center of bars, restaurants, and other entertainment opportunities.

 However, if you want something different, you can try some of the following areas:
  • Inspirada
  • Anthem
  • Black Mountain
  • Lake Las Vegas
  • Sun City Anthem
  • MacDonald Ranch
  • MacDonald Highlands
  • McCullough Hills

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Henderson is one of the ideal places to live in America. In a short time, we can predict that the city will be one of the safest places to live, one of the top places to invest, and one of the leading cities with affordable housing.

All these results simply highlight the enormous benefits of choosing Henderson for living. Not to mention how far Henderson is from Las Vegas — this close location even widens the number of new opportunities for Henderson residents.

So, the answer to whether Henderson, NV, is an excellent place to live or not is yes! And if you’re already considering relocation or have bought a house in Henderson, Sean Design is ready to assist you in making that transition even smoother with luxury design services.

Just get in touch with us, schedule your first consultation, and let us help you build your dream home in this thriving community!

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