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Studio Sean Design


Sean is a highly skilled interior designer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He founded Sean Design, a full-service design firm that specializes in interior, 3D, and exterior design for both commercial and residential spaces.

With a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces, Sean takes a collaborative approach to his work. He works closely with each client to understand their unique vision and needs, using his expertise and creativity to bring their ideas to life.

Using the latest technology, including 3D design software, Sean creates realistic renderings of his designs, allowing clients to visualize the finished product before any work begins. From the initial concept stage to the final installation, Sean is involved in every step of the design process, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

Sean has worked with a diverse range of clients, including homeowners, business owners, and developers. He has a reputation for transforming any space into a stunning work of art, combining his creativity with his knowledge of interior and exterior design.

Whether you are looking to redesign your home or office or develop a new commercial space, Sean Design can help you achieve your goals. Contact Sean today to learn more about his services and start creating your dream space.

Studio Sean Design

Sean Afriat


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